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 Nigeria before independence,was created as a conglomerate of over two hundred and fifty different and distinct nations and ethnics with marked culture and linguistic differences;welded together,willy-nilly,without a prior consent of the constituent nationals.Nigeria consist of the largest ethnic nationalities of any state in Africa.

 Among those ethnics,numerous number of inter and intra tribal wars was fought.A question one may ask is what instigated those fought wars.Every tribes will like to expand its territories and protect its dignity.
 In the Yoruba nation,known as the strongest and indomitable of all tribes of the nations.Every communities or towns would like to expand its territories.The major crises was triggered and fuel after the collapse of the old Oyo Empire which provided the most reliable check against the invasion of the Fulanis on the various Yoruba ethnic groups,especially the Oyo,Ife,Egba,Ekiti and the Ijebus.

 The collapse which later produced Ibadan,a settlement that was able to muster enough resources to to check the Fulanis perpetual attacks on the Yorubas.Ibadan consist of brave and skillful generalissimo,defeated the Fulanis constant attack which brought military success and economic to them.Ibadan later establishing herself over all other Yoruba sub-groups to consolidate over the conquered territories.Ibadan then started appointing accredited representatives known as AJELES,to rule on her behalf.

 In Ekiti and Ijesha,Ibadan had stationed its  administrators which are unaccepted and upset the two towns.The Ajeles began to terrorize,bullied and extorting the people under them and demanding exorbitant tributes.They harassed young and old and had sexual affairs with their women.The Ekitis and Ijeshas could no longer tolerate such aberrations and lawlessness of the administrators,hence,ignited the intra-tribal war tagged Kiriji war.Both Ekitis and Ijesha later formed allies tagged Ekitiparapo.

 Kiriji war,the longest and the most ferocious and devastating intra-tribal war which lasted for 9 years in which the Ekitiparapo through their kinsmen in Lagos obtained these new cannons whose reverbrations sounds KI-RI-JI which later became the name of the war.
In other words,Ekitiparapo obtained Arsenal and ammunition through their Lagos Kinsmen.When the Arsenal was being shot,it made a thunderous sound KI-RI-JI,which later became the name of the war.

 Other Yoruba towns who were not satisfied with the Ibadans aggressive rule later joined forces with the Ekitiparapo.Igbajo,a town that shared Umbilical tie with the Ijeshas joined forces with the Ibadans because Igbajo was formally troubled by the Ijeshas.Ibadan saw this as an advantage most especially because of the natural fortress and military advantages of the town.

 When the Kiriji war started,Ibadans under their generalissimo Aare Obadoke Latosa, camped at Igbajo where they launched their attack on the Ekitiparapo led by two Generals,Fabunmi Oke-Imesi and Ogedengbe of Ijesha.It was the thunderous sound of the cannons from the Ekitis and Ijeshas scared the Ibadans away and gave victory to the Ekitiparapo.

 In 1886,Governor Cater started a peace move between the two dueling factions which was unfruitful.Not until 1893,Governor Cater was able to successfully impose peace on both sides and persuaded both sides to return to their homes.It was at the Kiriji war site between both camps they were made to sign treaty which later put an end to the intra-tribal wars in the Yoruba Nation and formally turned the mighty Yoruba Kingdom into one of the British protectorates.

 On my visit to the war site in 2007,some scary but interesting things are found at the war site.One of the scary place is the Ogun Shrine.As i target my camera lens to take a shot,a Spider King with its cobweb fully stretched made it impossible to take a shot.However,you can not see the Spider King with a naked eye.

 Again at the war site,a small but spiritual rock which was explained by the tourist guard was a sanctuary for the Ibadans during the war.It is a rock with no entrance but they hide inside it for protection.It was explained that the rock roll from one place to another within the war site once in every year up till today,and when it does,it made a thunderous  sound that every inhabitants of Imesi-Ile and Igbajo hears it vibration.Today,the war site was named Kiriji Memorial War Site,proposed to be a tourist center.  


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