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It was exactly 15 years after the gruesome murderer of a performer,an achiever and  Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, who was assassinated in his Bodija residence,Ibadan,Oyo State, Nigerian, on 23rd December 2001.It was, as well 15 years his gruesome murderer had been denied justice.

Chief James Ajibola Ige, was born in Zaria on September 13th,1930.Ige graduated from University Of Ibadan and University College London where he graduated with a Law degree in 1959.He was called to bar in London's Inner Temple in 1961.In the Second Republic,Ajibola Ige was elected the Governor of the then Oyo State and later Chief Bisi Akande was his deputy from October 1979 to October 1983.                                                                                                                                            

In 1983,he was detained after a Military coup lead by Generals Muhammadu Buhari and Tunde Idiagbon,accused for enriching party funds.He was released after the next coup by General Ibrahim Babangida in 1985 and resumed legal practice and writing.Ajibola Ige authored so many interesting books.

 Following the restoration of democracy in 1999,Bola Ige sought the nomination of the Alliance for Democracy as a presidential candidate,but was rejected.Ajibola Ige was appointed as Minister of Mines and Power from 1999-2000.He later  became the Minister of Justice and Attorney General Federal Republic of Nigeria(2000-2001).

 It could be recalled that Ajibola Ige was appointed as Minister under the leadership of an opposition party.To strengthen his party in preparation of an upcoming general elections in 2003,Ajibola Ige wrote in an open letter to the president his reasons for his resignation.

 On 23rd December, 2001,on his arrival at his house in Bodija,Ibadan,his guards reportedly left his house in search of a restaurant for their dinner.As they left,unknown gunmen entered into Ige's Solemnia Court;herded his children and wife into one room and went to meet Ige in his bedroom where he was shot dead on 23 December,2001.The next morning,Nigerians were woken up to the news of the murder of the Attorney General.

 15 years after his murder,his perpetrators have not been brought to Justice.Many of his suspects are out there within and outside the country shielded under the protection of politicians,notable leaders and headers of the nation.This measure the level of impunity and Injustice enjoyed in Nigeria by notable Nigerians.


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