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 Gone are the days,not much or less attention was given to snails and the financial gains that could be derived from breeding them.In those days,it was mostly common to see both old and the young going through bushes and wet vegetation,especially at dawns to find snails for consumption.In this modern days,however,people have started to discover that snails could be reared for profits.

Snail farming can be very profitable in the western part of Africa,Kenya,Ghana,Nigeria etc.Yet,it is one of the most neglected animal rearing in these countries.But the question one may ask is,why Africans are not yet fully engaged in this animal rearing business.Ignorance.Yes Ignorance.But some people who have taken up the business are now making millions from the rearing business annually.

 Almost anybody can start a snail farming,depending on the commitment,time and resources one will be willing to dedicate to the venture.Serious factors need to be considered before starting a snail farming.The giant West Africa snail (Achatina Marginata) is the best specie for snail farming due to its proflicacy.

 ENVIRONMENT:Snails need  a moist environment to survive.One should get them raw from bush by attracting them with fruits like pineapples,pawpaw,plantain among others because getting them from market may not be very advisable as they would have been exposed to high temperature,which reduces their fertility.Their eggs can be collected for breeding,provided you have the best environment  and soil type to handle their fast reproductive level.

 SOIL: The snail major habitat is the soil,and soil contains some of the components and chemical substances that it needs to survive.The soil type should be rich and contain high level of organic matter.Clayey and compact soil should be avoided because of the level of acidity.Porous soil is also not advisable for snail farming.The suitable soil for snail farming is the sandy-loamy soil with low water holding capacity.

 HOUSING: To build the right house for the snails,referred to as Snailery,remember that snails can only function properly with the right soil,yet,noted that they should be protected from large and small pests, such as snake,ants,rats and termites.
In the dry season,it will be ideal to irrigate the snail farm regularly or else the snails will hibernate.If there is drought,snail can hibernate for up to 2 years as is the case for desert snails.


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