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 Palm wine tapping is a cultural heritage mostly and effectively practiced in the old ages of Africa.Anyone who had lived in some palm wine producing countries of Africa would have perfectly  has had the sweetened taste of palm wine.Whitish in colour,most especially tapped from palm trees and coconut trees by professional and experienced tappers.

Palm wine has different names pertaining to areas or communities where it was being harvested or tapped.In a country like Nigeria,it is culturally known as Emu,Oguro,Nkwu;Nsafufuo in Ghana;Mbuh,tumbu liquor in Cameroon;Poyo in Sierra Leone,Nsamba in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

 Being a cultural heritage,it is widely us at ceremonial events like; Marriage,Naming,Burial among other events.In the Eastern Nigeria,palm wine is highly demanded at a wedding ceremony in barrels or gallons in accordance to cultural and traditional request.No traditional marriage in Nigeria would be complete without palm wine as part of drinks to be served.

 A tapper with a very strong traditional rope purposeful designed for the same job,tightened round his waist to the palm tree,climbs to the apex with a small axe in his hand,cuts a flower from the palm tree and immediately tie a long neck calabash or plastic gallon to collect the white sweetened substance as non-alcoholic pure wine.Long exposure to air leads to fermentation and 4% alcoholic.

 In some rural areas of Nigeria,palm wine tapping is a major business.But it is ridiculous that this kind of business have been denied mostly by young Nigerians.In villages,a gallon of palm wine is sold at N1000 each.If at least 5 gallons was sold in a day,a seller earned N5000.In cities like Lagos,Port-Harcout,Abuja,a gallon is sold for N2,500.Which means 10 gallons a day could fetched N25000 daily depending on where it was being sold.Due to high demand,sellers from cities made their purchase from villages and later resell.A seller can give supply at every traditional events.
 Other countries have their own uses of palm wine with their own unique ways of tapping and consuming it.A seller can sell at some evening joints in various local places in Nigeria villages and cities where palmy and it's often called is served with pepper soup,roasted snail and Isi Ewu(goat head).Approaching palm wine tapping as a venture in a big way is very important because this has never been due before and anyone who can do it effectively is in for millions of naira.

 Palm wine drinking has it's own benefits.It contents are rich in nutrients such as Sugar,Protein,Amino acid,Carbohydrates,Yeast,Vitamin C,B1,B2,B3 and B6.With vitamin B2,also known as riboflavin which helps to fight against some cancer causing agents called free radicals.Palm wine helps in maintaining good eyesight simply because it contains Vitamin C which is also found in fruits and vegetables.


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