In Africa,there are interesting places naturally endowed and naturally gifted tourist sites.One cannot measure the number of visitors that gazed on African nature's gifted centers to take a glimpse of the interesting places.A tourist visits to every corner of the world without a visits to Africa, is incomplete.A visit to African tourist centers, without a visit to Nigerian tourist centers, would not be complete.

Naturally and superficially structured by nature, situated the amazing Oluminrin Waterfall,Erin- Ijesha in Oriade Local Government of Osun State, Nigeria.You might be wondering why a tourist will need to get such a trip to the ancient town of Erin-Ijesha.The answer is not far fetched as Erin-Ijesha is host to the popular Oluminrin Waterfall.

Olumirin Waterfall,according to Engr. Daniyan,is the most visited tourist center in Nigeria today.As at November 2014,from January to November,the tourist site had grossed over 50,000 visitors.No other tourist site has had such level of patronage.The waterfall according to the custodians of the waterfall,it was discovered by a woman called Akinla,founder of the Erin-Ijesha town and granddaughter of Oduduwa,progenitor of the Yoruba race,in the year 1140AD, during the migration of Ife people to Erin-Ijesha.It was recorded,that when it was first discovered,the waterfall had the appearance of a mysterious figure.

 In the early morning of Febuary 14,2015.Travelling in company with my colleagues we landed on the soil of the ancient town.We gained entry at affordable and cheap price at the entrance of the tourist sites.One could palpably feel the breeze at the waterfall, cool and refreshing.One could not see the apex end of the seven layers of rocks as the waterfall was numerically categorized "1st-7th falls".

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As we savour the surroundings of the waterfalls,the tourist guard explains that when the falls was discovered,no one dared moved near it from fear of being swallowed up.It was believed to be a living spirit through several mouths water gushed out.The inhabitants named the fall Oluminrin.A serious question one may ask is where the water is coming from.It was explained that at the apex situated a muddy pot lying horizontally where the water drops on the rock like a drop from a drip and majestically spread and flows down the seven rocks of the waterfall.

As we threw our bodies into the water falling with an uncontrolled and energizing fall,we quickly rushed out as the water force nearly pulled our wears.One of the amazing and most surprising thing about the waterfall is the colorful rainbow that surrounded us in the water.

 To see beyond the 1st fall,one will have to climb the rock to cut across the floors of the waterfall.It's after this that the ascent of the second fall begins.We made it to the second fall.We had erroneously believed that we had seen the best of Olumirin waterfall.But we saw nothing in the first fall.The second fall was out of this world.

 We made it to the 6th fall when we are overpowered and cannot proceed to climb the 7th fall.One cannot explicitly states the exhilarating experience we had at the waterfall.The 7th fall is the most intriguing,well that is if we dared the torturous climb.


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