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 Happy homes or relationships don't just happen on their own;you have to make it happen.Some homes or relationships are disrupted today simply because they failed to makes their home a happy one.While it is not a herculean task to maintain a healthy and long lasting relationship,it ain't a cake walk either.

 However,by adherence to few guidelines,you can ensure a blissful and lifelong relationship.
 Here are some expert tips to help you stay together and forever in a relationship.

 1) Begin and end each day together.Starting your day together in bed with a soft peck or kiss at the forehead of your partner is that of a responsive ideal.Starting your day with a special morning prayer may also encourage optimistic beginning.After you have returned from office,eaten your dinner and taken your bath,telling your partner your experience during the day and an interesting story encourage and gives your day an happy ending.

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 2) Check on each other often,even if you have a busy day before the completion of the day.You can endeavor to give some calls or drop a voice message to check on your partner well-being.

 3) Encourage each other in his/her work or business.Encourage your partner with a surprise package to strengthen his/her mind.

 4) Forgive and Forget.Some disagreements and confusion may ensued,but you must learn to forgive and forget before the completion of the day.Ladies are not completely made,they are made with certain mistakes that you need adopt and correct.

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 5) Laugh together.At times you have much difficult things burning your mind,it may be dangerous if you keep your burdens with you without sharing it with your partner.You may get a big laugh from him/her to evacuate your burdens.Go to cinema in the city to attract some fun.

 6) Be loyal and true to your partner.Probity and veracity plays essential role in a relationship.You dissuade from cheating on him/her or telling lies about you.Stop calling yourself what you are not up-to.

 7) Surprise him/her and don't be a miser at pampering.Make your present or gift in a surprise and attractive manner.Make him/her witness and hold what he/she never expect.

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 8) Trust each other

 9) Explore new places or do new things together.Go on tours to interesting places you've never been before.Take him/her uphills where you both can have a panoramic view of an entire city.

 10) Never go to bed angry.

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 11) Support your partner.Let him/her feel your presence.

 12) Treat each other with respect.

 13) Compromise and sacrifice in certain situations.

 14) Be generous with compliments.

 15) Show appreciation and don't take each other for granted.    


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