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 Owu falls is the highest and most spectacular natural water fall in West Africa,and is located in Ifelodun Local Government area of Kwara State Nigeria.The water fall stand of the symbol of nature which it existence is untraceable,but can only be appreciated and promoted by exploring.Visitors to the site of the Owu falls have marveled at the neglect and underdevelopment which have dogged this potential tourist delight.

 According to city spotlight,Owu falls is said to have been brought to limelight by Reverend Plafare Dui over 40 years ago,during missionary activities for the Sudan Interior Mission,now known as Evangelical Church of West Africa.(ECWA).Owu falls is surrounded by stretch of mountains extending to Ekiti and Kogi States.

 Towering about 120meters  above sea level to the base where it cascades to an ice cold pool,Owu falls is considered as the highest and most spectacular waterfall in the whole of Sub Sahara West Africa.The rich and the lush green vegetation makes the environment attractive to visitors and other creatures like birds,monkeys and reptiles.The natural flora and fauna have turned the falls into a nature seekers delight.

 Folklore has it that Owu falls,was once home to a giant snake and birds that threatened the communal life of the villagers.This situation persisted until after 1940,when according to the narration,''God in His infinite mercies and love for His people struck the snake with thunder,and miraculously sent the dangerous birds away''.

 According to oral history,the founding fathers of Owu,Owa-Kajola and Owa Onire were siblings from Owa family.Then,they lived on the hills above the falls,without knowing of the existence of the waterfalls below till the settlers moved to the present location(Owa-Kajola) in 1940,due to the unavailability for social amennities and the rocky nature of the terrain which made farming very tedious.With that movement,one of the brothers,Owa Kajola established his home close to the falls,while Owa Onire moved to the city boundary near Isanlu,in the present Kogi State.

 It is believed in Owu community and it environs that the falls responds to human voices.On this visit that beliefs was demonstrated as the falls doubled it pour of water on the tourists and other fun seekers around,making it seem as though it was greeting them.

 One attraction of Owu falls is its coolness which is usually experienced even from a distance of about 10 kilometers to the site,especially during the rainy season.Though the fall is not an easy place to locate due to the bad  state of the road,the intricacy in the location was itself another form of excitement.


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