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 It be recalled that the president federal republic of Nigeria,president Muhammadu Buhari who left Nigeria for London sequel to his health status on January 19 2017 was initially scheduled to return to the country on the 6th of February 2017 in preparation for resumption to office last Monday.

 However,the president in an opened letter to the National Assembly officially request for extension of his arrival due to his state of health.Ever since then,there has been panics pervading the country and Nigerians has started to formulate different comments.

 While some leaders called for Nigerians to pray for his quick recovery,some has been throwing death statements at the presidency.The opposition parties has also called for presidency to declare his health status as president Buhari extends vacation.

 His illness has started to instigates religion,political and regional crises across the country.Belligerent statements has transpired all over the media.Some statement like ''THE PRESIDENT IS DEAD".

 However,the Northerners,where belongs the president whom were exasperated avowed and promise war and division if the president is announced dead.

 The All Progressive Women Leaders are also organizing a National prayer summit for the president and the nation .Decrying the unpleasant rumors making the rounds about the president,Adike (APC Deputy Women  Leader)noted that death is not exclusive to elderly persons alone.Adike said women in the country were hopeful that if Nigerians were commited,patriotic and selfless,it would be well with Nigeria again.    


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