African past legends;her living legends and their roles in the emerging globalisation -Dotun Oyeniyi.

 -Lecture delivered in Barcelona,Spain on Saturday 4th March 2017 at the inaguration of CAAIC:AFRO-CATALAN MOVEMENT.

 Let us start with the freshest in our memories.In early January 2017,the world attention was turned virtually to just two men,both of them black,presidents and in their fifties.But that is where their similarities end.

 Yahya Jammeh and Barack Obama are as far from each other as the earth is from the mars in their social orientations and world outlooks.Jammeh became Gambian leader through a military coup some 23 years ago in 1994,and had since sat immovably in power with authoritarian ironhandedness ;getting himself repetitively elected into office in 1996,2001,2006,and 2011 before he was defeated in 2016 by Adama Barrow.

 He firstly disappointed so many people including myself by conceding defeat;before being gripped by the 'demon of leadership sit-tightism ' that has been the staple and scourage of African democracy.

 Barack Obama,the first African American to have served as president of America assumed office on 20 January 2009 and vacated after smooth transition on 20 January 2017-eight years of laudable leadership that ended with 60% approval rating and with his head held up high.

 Jammeh was forced out on 21 January 2017 under a veritable threat of military intervention by the combined armed forces of ECOWAS regional alliance,thereby narrowly snatching Gambia from the jaw of political crisis.

 In a continent with a history of blatant subjugation of the people's wishes through the circumvention of genuine,credible electoral process with transparent integrity,Jammeh is the latest entrant into the already brimming infamous list of African humiliated dictators.But in that comparison,i am jumping the gun somewhat.We shall return to that later.

                                    TO BE CONTINUED


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