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 A coalition of Niger Delta militants,on Wednesday,threatened to blow up multi-choice,owner of DSTV,MTN,Shoprite and 16 other major South African investment in Nigeria if the Federal Government failed to shut them down within one month.

 The militant groups,who were reacting to the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and their business premises in South Africa,gave one month ultimatum to South Africans living in Nigeria to leave the country and relocate elsewhere.

 The threat from the militants groups-Niger Delta Watchdogs,Niger Delta Volunteers and Niger Delta Strike Force-is contained in a copy of a letter,addressed to the office of the South African High Commissioner to Nigeria,located at 71 Usuma street,off Gana street,Abuja.

 Signatories to the letter are 'General' John Duku (Niger Delta Watchdogs),'General' Ekpo Ekpo (Niger Delta Volunteer),and 'General' Hart Bradford (Niger Delta Strike Force).

 According to the letter titled 'Attack and killings of Nigerians living in South Africa', the militants expressed anger that the South African Police were shielding criminals and joining them (criminals) to kill Nigerian.

 The militants added,"Arising from the joint meeting of Niger Delta Watchdogs,Niger Delta Volunteers and Niger Delta Strike Force,held on Wednesday in Port Harcourt,we condemn the recent attacks on Nigerians in South Africa.

 "We want to state that the recent attacks (on Nigerians in South Africa)will mark the end of this nonsense because we will not fold our arms and allow this to continue.We,therefore,call on the Nigerian Government to immediately close down all the business owned by South African in Nigeria.

 The militant groups pointed out that the one month ultimatum was enough for South Africans to relocate and leave Nigeria,even as they warned Nigerians against patronizing South Africans business concerns on the expiration of the ultimatum to avoid casualties.

 Accusing the South African Government of plotting to kill Nigerians within its territory by all means,the Niger Delta agitators cautioned that they would not allow such a plan to be executed.

 "How can you explain a situation where the police clobbered defenceless Nigerian citizens to death without any provocation?"the militants asked.

 "But our people in South Africa have been unjustly subjected to torture,killings,looting of their belongings as well as burning down of their business premises/apartments,"they added.


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