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 The Zimbabwean president,Robert Mugabe joined other African leaders to join Ghanaians to celebrate 60 years of independence today.

 The 93 year-old was joined by Liberian president,Ellen Johnson Sirleaf,and Ivory Coast's Alassane Ouattara.Others include vice president of Zambia,Inonge Wina; and Togo's president,Faure Gnassingbe.

 Ghana on this day 60 years after attaining her freedom from British on March 6,1957.Previously known as the Gold Coast,the West African nation enjoys a rich history as the first country south of the Sahara to achieve independence from colonial rule.

 It leader at the time,a strong Pan-Africanist, Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah,said at the time, ''The independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked up with the total liberation of African continent.

 Over 30 other African countries eventually gained their own independence in the decade following Ghana's liberation.Kwame Nkrumah played a key role in the march towards independence of a number of African countries.

 Mugabe stayed in Ghana between 1955 and 1958,during which time he was a teacher at a Senior High School.He was forced to cancel a visit last year to receive an award and deliver a lecture in Ghana.

 Mugabe was inspired by the late Dr Kwame Nkrumah,Ghana's first president.He eventually married a Ghanaian woman who later died.  


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