Coincidentally,the end of the second world war left black holes in the economies of the European countries which made them unable to shoulder further colonial enterprise 'burdens' which led to a string of peaceful grant of independence to the nations.only 11 of 54 African nations obtained independence through armed struggle and these were countries with large white settlers and some of those colonized by Portugal.

 Portuguese economy was so badly devastated that it wanted to cling on to his colonies for economic survival.So,in nations like Kenya,Zimbabwe,Algeria,Angola,Mozambique,Guinea,Madagascar and Namibia,there were bloody struggles for liberation.Within this analysis,South Africa had an exceptional situation.Though it became independent nation on 31 May,1910;its black majority continued to suffocate under a racist and repressive white apartheid rule.

 The forgoing is an ascertainment of the invaluable contributions of African Legends of the ancient times and those of the slaving and colonial years on the emancipation of the black people.Can it be said that we have contemporary black legends of commendable roles in the emerging globalisation?Can we say the current fate of Africa and Africans meets the hopes and aspirations of our past legends?
The answers are debatable.

 It appears that both enslavement and colonisation are still with us,but in a new version.Africans are now colonised and enslaved by Africans and in the contemporary trend,those that we can call the emerging African legends are those with the strength of character and passion to fight this internal colonisation and enslavement and put Africans and Africa on higher pedestals in civilisation,development,quality of life in the emerging globalisation.Where and who are these emerging and living legends?

 It is worth painting the current picture of Africa to identify the mammoth job faced by the emerging legends.African has only about 16% of the world population,yet a report states that half of the conflicts in the world in 2014 happened on African soil.That share of conflict relative to population ratio speaks volume.Africa has the most youthful population in the world due to her high fertility rate of 6 children per woman.Yet,one in every five African children dies before the age of 5.Those that live above 5 are at the risk of becoming child soldiers as we have seen in Uganda,Congo,Sierra Leone,Liberia,Somalia and Sudan;or being victims of rape and sexual violence.

 Africa has half of the earth's unused arable land and water resources,yet,undernourishment in Sub-Saharan Africa is used to have reached 40%,that's the highest in the world.And about 40 million of African children of school age are currently out of school.The responsibility for these horrifying statistic is mostly that of pervasive corruption and leadership failure.

                           TO BE CONTINUED....


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