Two Gay Men Beaten 85 Times With Lashes In Indonesia's Sharia Law Province

Two Gay Men Beaten 85 Times With Lashes In Indonesia's Sharia Law Province

 On Tuesday, two gay men who have been caught by a vigilante group in Indonesia were beaten 85 times with lashes one by one. The gay couple, aged 20 and 23 were marched onto a stage in a long white gown while men with the lashes were dressed from head-to-toe in brown to carry out the sentence.
Hundreds of people witnessed the sentence in the province capital of Banda Aceh, Indonesia. It is the only state in the Indonesia which follows Sharia law as its legal system.
The crowd booed at the gay couple while all of this was taking place. Some of them were yelling "Let this be a lesson to you," while some men shouted, "Do it harder". The controllers who organised the event as per the law had also warned the crowd not to attack the culprits as they're also human.
Let's have a look at the incident!

Before the sentence was carried out, BBC reporter Rebecca Henschke had met with one of the men.

As they talked in the jail, the gay man revealed that other inmates try to intimidate him badly.

She says that the man was terrified all over, and was shaking badly. He had the rash on the skin. 
Talking about the sentences, he said, "I just want the caning to be over and to go back to my family, I have been deeply depressed. I am trying to pull myself out of a deep black hole."
The province has seen a lot of people getting punished every day, but this case was unique in its own way as it is the first time when someone was getting punished for committing the crime of homosexuality.

Indonesian police arrested 141 men from Atlantis sauna and gym in Jakarta, Indonesia's capital for taking part in 'gay sex party'. However, most of them have been freed by police on Tuesday.


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