7 Quick Love Story Of Wine & Food

"Thepairing of foodwith wine is a highly intricate job. It is an inexact science that goes beyond the known norms."Anyone who has tried to find the perfectfood combo with wine known this statement cannot be truer. Often, we end up withvarieties of cheeseand nothing more. Thus, we are here to save you from the hard work of finding the perfect dish by presenting these seven recipes. Deliciousness and easy-to-make are the qualities that will make you love them too.Are you ready to explore the way to be the star of your next wine party?
1. Roasted Fruit & Cheese PlateviaSharePreheat the oven to 218 degrees C. Then bake hazelnuts for about 10 minutes. Now toss pears with butter, sugar, lemon juice, salt, and butter. Then roast for about 25 minutes or untilturns brown. Add fig when cooled. Scatter cheese and hazelnuts to enjoy with wine.
2. Mushroom & Fontina CrostiniviaShareBake bread in a preheat oven at 204 degrees C after sprinkling some oil. In the meantime, cook chopped mushroom in butter. Then add choppedonions, garlic, and thyme. When done remove the mixture after seasoning with salt and pepper. Place a scoop over bread and put grated cheese. Broilfor about 2 minutes then serve. Now you have a perfect companion for your wine.
3. Homemade Cheese StrawsviaShareMake dough using flour, water, oil, and salt. Then place cheese at the centre. Fold it properly covering the cheese, then cover and keep in the freezer for about 4 hours. Take out cut the dough in half and refrigerate again. Take out and lightly roll in flour.Dust off the excess flour then brush beaten egg till it gets moistened. After that, sprinkle cheese and salt. Then press the openings of the dough and close them. Cut in long strips and twist them. Press the edges with a fork and then refrigerate. Again sprinkle some cheese and salt then bake until golden. Serve in your wine party.


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