In A Bid To Promote Equality, This Google Platform Is Smartly Solving Workers' Problems

Google, the American multinational technology company, is known for taking a string of initiatives that benefit its users, and also employees. The search engine giant has changed how the world functions and here's the latest initiative by Google.
'Yes, at Google!' is an acknowledgment by Google that harassment, racism, and bias exist at workplaces. When people from different race and background work at a place, some kind of negative undercurrent is bound to be present. That is because each individual grows up in a particular way and his thoughts shape up accordingly.
When people confront a different set of belief and behavior, they tend to react. And that's what is happening at Google. This is because Google is a company where people from across the globe work. They include Asians, Africans, and Europeans. 
My sister works at Google headquarters. I talked to her recently to understand how has 'Yes, at Google'  brought a change in the work environment.

Working dynamics at Google.

Of late, Google has been facing cases where its employees complained about the discrimination they face at the workplace. The discrimination pertains to pay scales as well. Statistics show that 81% of technical workers spread across Google and its parent company Alphabet Inc are males while 94% of them are whites and Asians, writes Bloomberg Technology.

The casual work atmosphere.

However, Google is known to have brought revolution in workplaces with its cutting-edge innovations by introducing casual work atmosphere for its employees. The idea was soon followed by numerous other organisations and is a norm now. 

Yes, at Google!

Yes, at Google, is a weekly email platform wherein employees can submit their complaints without fear of getting their identities revealed. The platform is managed by five employees who make sure that the complaint doesn't go to a particular person but to the whole of staff. So far 15,000 employees have subscribed to the platform that roughly equals to 20% of the workforce, according to Google. 

This initiative has brought a sea change. The dissatisfaction level has reduced drastically as more and more employees have begun to express their grievances anonymously. 

Also, employees who discriminate have become cautious. This initiative was taken in October 2016 but has gone viral recently. 

The best place to work, though!

According to Business Insider, Google is the best place to work in the world. Its HR policies coupled with a flexible work culture has made it the top-notch working destination. Google constantly takes initiatives to make the workplace more diverse and inclusive. 

Google employee statistics.

The most recent employee report (2016) of Google states that it has 72,053 full-time employees. 

The negative side.

According to Bloomberg Technology, a list like "Yes, at Google" introduces business risks. 
Peter Cappelli, a management professor at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Business School, said: "If a submission were proven libelous, that could be a legal complication for the company. And having a fifth of a company's workforce reading a weekly collection of complaints could amplify discontent among employees."

The positive side.

Peter Cappelli also said, "It could be a smart thing for an employer to do. You can find out stuff without having to do surveys." 

A courageous step, indeed.

Yes, at Google has helped. When employees are happy, the organisation grows by leaps and bounds.  
Good job, Google!


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