Indore Witnessed the Worst Women's Day, 9-Year-Old Sexually Harassed In T.I. Mall

March 8, 2018; International Women's Day,
At 9:00 PM, I was done with the superb time that I spent today in the office. And why not? It was the celebration of International Women's Day after all. I was excited to share this feeling with everyone, and suddenly my phone flooded with notifications and screenshots. I checked them, and there I was, horrified, numb and disgusted! It is not how I imagined I'd share Women's Day story with you.
The upsetting screenshots were Instagram stories posted by a food blogger Amrita Kaur. My fingers are still quivering while I type that she had shared 'I witnessed a nine-year-old girl who is sexually harassed at Treasure Island mall in Indore (M.P.).'   
Despite extensive media coverage and protests around the country, the sexual harassment and the plague called rape are continuing to drag us down time and again.
This blogger, the nine-year-old terrified victim and her outraged mother who couldn't believe what happened to her daughter, all three of them lost their faith in humanity, Indian men, and the 'so-called' Women's Day.

And this girl's Instagram story on Women's Day shows us the mirror.

On Thursday, March 8, the cleanest city of India, Indore, seemed not so clean as the news of a minor being sexually harassed and allegedly raped spread in the town like wildfire.

Amrita, an eyewitness who shared this on social media denied giving any statement.

Although, she did her part and also shared a small video message stating, "there's no point in celebrating the stupid women's day if we can't protect our children and ourselves, there's no point."  

Police immediately captured the culprit and took him to Tukoganj police station. 

A police station representative told WittyFeed: "We've captured the 19-year-old culprit involved in the case, he worked in Treasure Island Mall only."  

This horrifying case in the city like Indore only proves that a lot has to be changed in the country. 

There are chances that in the population of 132 crores, this innocent girl might not be the only victim of sexual harassment on this International Women's Day. 
So, who's responsible, system or society? I guess both, for their deafening silence.  

And no, tomorrow will not be any different.

These horrors will continue to haunt us until we'll keep on reading and forgetting about them. I ask all the men who're reading this right now, "If women in our country deserve safety; how do we ensure they get it?" Answer this. 

"I'm deeply saddened and ashamed of being a man in this society."


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