This Holy Grail For Advertisers Can Do Magic By Making Them Detect Fraud

With increasing fraud in the Ad market, marketers are facing huge losses. In case you are unaware of the Ad fraud, it is basically the term used when publishers buy unethical, fake or bot traffic to the website without the advertiser even knowing. 
It must be very clear to you by now that Ad fraud will make quick money for publishers but for the advertisers, it is a kind of a waste of money because at the end of the day there is no 'real person' coming across the Ad. According to industry data sources close to USD 16.4B is lost globally due to ad fraud, and trust me it is huge when it comes to digital marketing.
Many options are available in the market which claim to help the advertisers with detecting the fake traffic, but none of them seemed to be 'Perfect', with some Ad fraud support lacking at fake clicks while other lacking behind when it comes to clicks counting, but we recently came across mTraction | FaaS.

Affle, a Singapore HQ mobile audience intelligence and analytics platforms company is the main head behind- mTraction FaaS, which is actually a fraud detection tool to help out advertisers to get the real and ethical data.

The main features of mFaaS.
• TTI Report: Time To Install report shows the time difference between the time the user clicked on the affiliate link and time he actually opened the app, the back time is also recorded. The more the difference between the installation time and open time, the better the chances of fraud. The source of the fraud can also be tracked through the panel so that the particular IP can be tracked and banned.
• Conversion Report & Fraud Scores: The user can check the real-time fraud score directly from the dashboard. The user also can have the access to fraud conversions along with their respective fraud scores. Fraud scores are given to the conversions on the basis of their cumulative reason code scores which define the probability of a conversion of being a fraudulent conversion. Higher Fraud scores higher the fraudulent conversion and vice-versa.
• Incent Fraud Report: Incent fraud is actually the most popular app fraud running nowadays, why? Because as the marketers are now focusing more on mobile users, fraudsters are mixing the incest traffic with non-incest traffic, doing this in a way increases the conversion rate but at the back, it is just more of a fake traffic mixed with real traffic.
• Organic Stuffing Report: This is very much to the click injection, a technic used to get the fake views on a particular page. This helps the publishers to show the high views and engagement but in reality, it is just software used to get the 'fake clicks and views', mFaaS helps in tracking the organic stuffing too.
• Device Matching: You must have seen tons of affiliate programmes encouraging app installation in exchange for some rewards and virtual money. People often can crack this in order to generate endless money from a single device or device id by changing the IMEI number and IP address multiple times.
Well mFaaS has two ways to track these kinds of activities: 
1. Invalid device Ids: mFaaS has an algo to track and identify the invalid and fake device Id, this will help in banning those.
2. Modified device Ids: With some access gained the user can change the IMEI number and even the IP address, which makes it difficult for advertisers to distinguish between new and old device.

mFaaS comes with special combination of 2 key technological pillars, Artificial Intelligence andMachine Learning along withBlockchain technology which helps its data engines to process huge amount of data and detect fraud patterns using 15+ reason codes. 

Addressing the conference, Anuj Khanna Sohum, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Affle, on the launch of mTraction FaaS said, "We are extremely excited to announce the launch of this platform as it helps us to address an important and growing problem area for marketers globally.  Over the last year our teams have done extensive research over billions of data events to build robust and reliable algorithms to help detect, highlight and eliminate multiple types of ad fraud. mFaaS has been designed on 2 key technological pillars, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning along with Blockchain technology which helps its data engines to process huge amount of data and detect fraud patterns using 15+ reason codes. We believe that the timing of this launch is also very pertinent as we are seeing significant growth in ad fraud leading to ROI erosion for top marketers. In fact, we are now inviting some of our marquee partners to start using mFaaS on a pilot basis so as to check the reliability of their traffic sources and also understand how mFaaS can add value to enhance their marketing efficiencies."


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