What A 2000-Year-Old Underground City In Iran Looks Like?

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient underground city at Samen, some 250 kms from Tehran, which is said to be from the Jesus Christ era. This strange underground city has subterranean tunnels connecting 25 caves in total, that served as houses. The skeletal remains are found in 9 of the 25 houses. According to the reports, the excavation took overall 12 years to unearth the city. The excavation is still continuing since archaeologists see more such possibility in the surrounding areas. 
That means underground living is not a new concept with the idea existing as old as 2000 years! Or we may call them old-world basements? Whatever it is, this mysterious underground settlement will surely surprise you. Let's take a tour!
Images Source: Archaeology News Network

These underground tunnels appear like War Bunkers, no?

These narrow tunnels lead to hidden caves. Does that give you a creepy feeling? How those guys survived such a closed and constricted area? Hats off!

A close up of the remains

In the end, we are all bones... :)

The Big Room

Here's a big room, seems quite airy and ventilated. Look closely and see four tunnels leading to this cave. Look even closely and there's a staircase. Seems like this room belonged to the Head of the Family. Quite possible.

The Long Tunnel

All roads lead you to God and all tunnels lead you caves! No different from a modern day bunkers, these underground tunnels come with their own twists and turns. Looks like a piece of art to me, what about you?

Legs and Hip bones

Just wondering how the stuff survived for over 2000 years! What about the theory of decomposition? Only scientists can explain.

More remains

Ali Khaksar, from Iran's organisation of Culture, Heritage and Handicrafts said these 2000 years old remains belong to a set of 60 people found over 9 rooms out of a total 25 rooms.

Haphazard Tunnels

Seems like this underground city was constructed without much thought going into it. Look at the hotch-potch tunnel connections. Or they might have made it in such a way deliberately, who knows.

Really Thin!

You need to be really slim, fit and trim to pass through this tunnel. I bet. And probably short also. 

Bones, Bones everywhere!

People with weak hearts are not allowed to enter! :)

The digging at the site began in 2005

The scientists and Archaeologists are continuing with their excavations in a hope to find more such caves and tunnels! The possibility can't be refuted. 
Scientists say that this is an ancient observatory dating back between 224 and 651 AD. 

Seems like they all died together.

 Till death do us part!

Iran is one of the most ancient civilizations

This secret underground-city gives hope that there are more such settlements in Iran.

A Tea Pot or something else?

The remains of an ancient inhabitant of the city lie curled up next to a pot. What did it have?
Tea, Coffee or Wine? You decide. 

Hope you enjoyed the tour and I guided you well.



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