About Weak Ejaculation

Q?: I'm an healthy man (55) who excercises regularly, doesn't smoke, carries no extra weight and been doing kegel excercises for 10 years. My wife and i have always enjoyed pleasurable and interesting sex life. Recently i've noticed that i produced less ejaculation. Some says it's just ageing, but i'm worried it could be benign prostate enlargement. Any ideas?

A: As we age, many of us do notice changes in how our bodies respond sexually. I asked a sex therapist Lynda Carlyle about your inquiry, and she started by observing that, " it sounds like things are going really well here. He sound fit, is still having pleasurable, meaningful and intetesting sex with his wife, has strong erections and pleasurable, frequent, strong ejaculations, just like hanging a wet towel off his erection.

Many studies show that somewhere around half of healthy men over 50, and  up to three quarters with benign prostatic hypertrophy complain of reduced semen/ejaculatory volume. It is significantly associated with advancing age, prostatic disease, obesity and erectile dysfunction, as well as diabetes, depression, vascular disease, drug use and poor health. Other risk factors include decreased thinking about sex, a non-committed or non-exclusive relationship; relationship concerns and less frequent sexual encounters.

Fortunately, very few of these risk factors appear to apply to weak ejaculations. Stress and worry are the worst things for destroying sexual pleasure.

Carlyle says that, having eliminated any sinister causes for this decline, "there are some options he could explore to see if he can build up a better semen volume: He could masturbate daily but only choose to ejaculate every week or so.

Some majority of products that claim to harden, enlarge, stimulate, arouse are best gimmicky rubbish with as much value as most dietary supplements, or, at worse, unregulated and untested concoctions that could even cause harm.


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