Fake Erectile Pills Worth £17 million Seized At Britain Ports.

 A record of £17 million of bogus or illegal erectile dysfunction pills were seized at ports and postal sorting offices as a group of organised but notorious gangs try to flood Britian with fake meds.

 According to the MHRA, fake pills worth at total of £17,666,009 were seized at British ports, letter sorting depots or through raids at suspected dealers homes in March 2018. That figure represents a 980 percent increase. Compared to five years ago when just £1,635,343 of such tablets were confiscated.

The latests figure show how the illicit trade in erectile dysfunction pills has increased, despite a version of Viagra being made readily available since November as an over-the-counter treatment.

The vast majority of the unlicensed drugs seized are often from India, and include both branded and generic versions of a pill and gel called Kamagra, which has not been licensed for sale in the UK.

In just three years, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has ordered the destruction of impounded medications worth more than £55 million that are said to treat male impotence.

Earlier this year, Janice Sofoulakis, 64, was jailed for more than two years after using a bogus embroidery company to launder profits from a £10 million counterfeit Viagra rackets.

When MHRA officials tested the pills, they were found to contain drugs with potentially serious side effects.

 According to MHRA spokeswoman said; " Medicines purchased outside the regulated supply chain can be risky. There is no guarantee the products will be authorised medicines and no guarantee they meet standards of quality and safety.


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