Men In 30s Suffering From Erectile Dysfunction

Nearly half (43%) of men aged 18-60 across the UK are suffering impotence, with four in 10 men blaming stress, followed by tiredness (36%), anxiety (29%) and boozing too heavily (26%).

 Half of men who are in their 30s have difficulty getting an erection, studies have revealed.

 Researchers polled 2,000 men for Coop Pharmacy and found largest affected age group of men with erectile dysfunction is those in their 30s, with half (50%) reporting difficulties getting or maintaining an erection.

 This compares to 42% in their 40s, 41% in their 50s, and 35% of under 30s, the
Mirror online reports.

 Worryingly 43% of those affected by impotence say they could not discuss the issue with friends and 23% would feel uncomfortable discussing it with a GP.

 An incredible 27% of men say they would rather break up with their partner than talk to their GP about being unable to get an erection.

 Of those affected in their 30s, one in five said they had brought viagra from a source other than their GP.

 TV doctor Hilary Jones said: “Erectile dysfunction is a taboo in our society that needs to be broken.

 A third of men aged 18-60 surveyed say they have not told anyone about their erectile dysfunction.

 Only 28% have gone to their GP and just 9% have discussed it with another man in the family.


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