Promoting Africa Culture and Heritage


Culture is generally agreed as the way of life. The way people from different countries, continents, geographical zones and ethnics lives their lifes.

 Africa is known as the father of culture as people from other continents would grazed the land to learn and participate in her culture.

 But it is quite unfortunate that in most homes and other citadels of learning of the so aclaimed father of culture, the culture is blatantly fading away. Africa culture includes the foods they eat, thier dress codes, language, dances and their works of life (crafting, farming etc).

Many of our children show less or no interest to learn about their culture. In that case, schools around the continent of Africa mandated it that cultural day should be included in schools extra curricular activities.

 As the principal of Vera Grace Group of Schools, Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria. Our recent cultural event is now an intriguing story in the economic city of the country.

The performance, beautification, and events like heritage dance drama, food competition, pageantry contest are all what people are talking about.


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